4 Ways to Purify Your Water

What would happen if there was no clean water for drinking? I usually ask myself this. Well, the world would have been a terrible place to be. You and I should be grateful since we can have access to clean water for drinking. However, not every stream or tap has clean water. That is why you need to purify the water you have before using it. If you live in a place where you cannot trust the water you get from your source, you will be grateful to me. Here are the four ways to purify your water.

Boil it

You don’t need to use expensive tools or chemicals to purify your water. You can clean the water by simply boiling it. This method is not only cheap but it is also safe. Anyone can use it to purify water regardless of where you live. Boiling water will help to destroy the germs and parasites found in water that you might not see. Ensure you boil your water for three minutes before put into a clean container. 

If you live lower altitudes, ensure that you boil the water for an extended time as water tends to boil at high temperatures at high altitudes. Apart from that, make sure that you cover your water well and allow it to cool first before consumption. You draw water the well, allow the elements to relax before filtering it.

Treat your water using chemicals

Chemicals are also a good way to purify water. One of the chemicals you can use is bleach. It helps t eliminate bacteria and viruses in the water. However, it is crucial to utilize tiny amounts so you can prevent poisoning. Make sure you check if the bleach you want to use is expired. Because if it is expired, it might not work effectively. 

All you need is to fill your container with water, using a teaspoon add 4 drops of your bleach to the water. The next thing is to stir or shake so as the mixture and allow it to sit for thirty minutes. 

Make use of a filter

Water filters are good when it comes to removing bacteria from water. For instance, the carbon removes the awful taste and chemicals. Iodine covered screens, on the other hand, get rid of viruses. You can go ahead and drink your water after treating it as the bad taste will be gone. But they are weightier than chlorine and iodine. The mean plumbing and they are expensive. Also, they need replacement after using them to filter several water gallons. 

Use the distillation method

This is also a good technique to purify water. It makes use of heat to gather pure water as vapor. The method is considered effective based on the scientific fact that says that water has a lower boiling level as compared to different pollutants and illness-causing components you can find in the water. 


This is how you easily purify your water and keep those contaminants away. Even if you don’t have any money, you can still purify water and consume it when it is all clean.